Thursday 25 September 2014

Aurelia Refine & Polish Miracle Balm Review

I would say it's blindingly clear that my little space on the internet is definitely more fashion focused, simply because it's what I know and love, but you cannot ignore that beauty plays a large role in the fashion industry.  I have particularly problematic skin, so I'm always searching for something new to improve it, now I'm no professional beauty blogger so I can't word as eloquently specific but of course I will try my hardest!

When the lovely people from Aurelia got into contact, asking if I'd like to review their Refine & Polish Miracle Balm I was very intrigued - anything with the word 'miracle' in it automatically triggers my curiosity, so I thought I'd do a little reading about it first.

Aurelia uses probiotics in their skincare, which means that it balances and protects your skin, and this particular mask uses fruit enzymes to deeply exfoliate skin, leaving it brightened and soft.  The scent is floral without being too powdery and it's generally quite high-end 'expensive' smelling.  The product itself is smooth with tiny exfoliating beads and feels luxurious on your skin - you can use it both as an instant exfoliant and as a mask and I do both.  I use it as a mask once a week and an exfoliator twice a week.  When you apply the product as a mask you feel a slight warming sensation, which I love because it feels like the product is really working, anything that reacts on the skin I'm a fan of.  In contact with water the mask dissolves into an oil and leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised and plump rather than dry and tight, which I find a lot of exfoliators do.  One thing I do notice is that the tiny beads take a little while to be completely rid of your face, so I usually wash it off when I shower.

I feel as if I've been rambling on for ages now - I hope this makes sense!  To sum up, this product has really impressed me, it states that it is suitable for any skin type, including sensitive skin, but I feel it would work best for people with dry skin.  I have rather oily skin prone to breakouts and feel a skin-clearing type product would be better suited.  As for results, I can't judge too much as I've been using it on and off due to me being away from home a lot, but it definitely helps balance out my skin, meaning I get less oily throughout the day and after returning from festival season with clogged up, dull skin, I now have a nice little glow going on after a quick mask, so lets hope it stays this way!


  1. Be careful with probiotic stuff, sometimes they put really nasty things in it! Maybe you should use the app Think Dirty to be sure. Just saying...

    Stay safe,


  2. Great review!

  3. I never see you post about beauty, i too mainly blog about fashion but it was nice for you to blog about something else. I've never tried anything from Aurella but it sounds amazing!

    I've heard that you're going to the AX Paris press event tomorrow, hopefully i will see you there!

    Emma at

  4. Sounds amazing and I love the packaging!

  5. As a beauty blogger, I deeply advise to not use products with exfoliating beads in there; they are extremely bad for the environment (and just got banned in Illinois after polluting a lake) they are also not very benificial for your skin, and are very prone to rip open the acidic mantle of your skin. That being sad, chemical exfoliation would be a better (for your skin and environment) option. Note: Not trying to hate here, I didn't know these things myself a year or so back. It's too bad, because I love the overall concept for this brand and the packaging is adorable :)

    1. I didn't know this either! thanks for the heads up.

    2. Hi there from Aurelia Skincare! We just wanted to let you know that the exfoliating beads found in the Refine & Polish Miracle Balm are derived from rice bran and are totally biodegradable. At Aurelia Skincare we are against the use of plastic microbeads as they are such an unnecessary pollutant and can be too harsh on the skin. Rest assured that we have a natural, clean, Free From ingredients policy and never test on animals! xx

  6. Great review

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