Thursday 11 December 2014

The Ultimate Takeaway Attire - The Twosie

Now I've seen crazy fashion and owned some questionable pieces, but I seriously think that this one takes the cake (or er.. california roll!). Introducing to you: the JUST EAT takeaway twosie! 

There is method behind the madness - according to a survey carried out, most couples would pick tucking into something tasty on the sofa over blowing their cash on a night out, and I'd definitely label myself as the stay-at-home type!

Polly and I, both being enthusiasts for a good onesie and takeaway, accepted the twosie challenge, so after a long peruse through the JUST EAT website and a last minute change from fish & chips, we decided on a chinese feast as sadly, Camberley is way behind the times and lacks a sushi delivery service to match the our twosie.

JUST EAT say: "Each couple gets an arm, a leg, and a shared third leg – meaning they can easily tuck into each other’s takeaway. Hand-made in Italy, the twosie also includes loads of handy pockets for stashing food, cutlery and dips."

Perfect for a wintery three-legged race, am I right? As you can probably imagine - hilarity ensued. After sitting down to tuck in, we realised that we had no plates or cutlery and spent a good while waddling around, giggling like conjoined idiots and taking snapchats featuring our special cutlery pocket. We did eventually have to unzip as hunger took over and we required use of both arms, but we may or may not have spent a good while monging in front of the TV post-takeaway before er.. bladder needs took over and we had to go our separate ways.

It was seriously a takeaway to remember, and now I have an excellent costume if I ever feel the need to dress as a two headed sushi monster! Would you try out the twosie?
*This post is in collaboration with JUST EAT*


  1. This look great hahahah - looks so much fun & mmm delicious food

  2. aah i've never seen one of these before! looks fab!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  3. This is the best thing ever. Just Eat are awesome haha

  4. I should get one of these. This is a nice thing to use to keep my boyfriend from wandering someplace else inside the house whenever I want to cuddle.

    Life With Antlers

  5. Awesome post!

  6. This was so cool for sleep over with your bff or boyfriend hahaha kidding XD


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