Monday 4 May 2015

Sunday Summary Week 207

1/ Dam square   2/ Missing Dam & my two-wheeled steed
3/ Kopjes cat cafe, Amsterdam   4/ STAG selfie
5/ Pimp coat at River Island press day   6/ Healthy brekkie ft Hairfinity
7/ Pretty drinks @ RI   8/ Press day-ing with Kayla
9/ Mooched around The Clear Agency   10/ TIALS SS15
11/ Very pool party   12/ 4 years with bae
13/ Found a fairground   14/ Gorge new Moschino bag from Very Exclusive

Hope you guys like frequent posting, I've been on a roll with Instagram lately!  I've been at my boyfriends halls for the majority of this week, which unfortunately means only one blog post this week, but I had a lovely time with Alex and we celebrated our 4 year anniversary!  We had a ramen & sushi dinner at Kokoro (do recommend!!) and had a couple of chill days, in between me popping out to press events.  I went to some seriously awesome events with Kayla, and actually bumped into Danny from McFly at one of them, leading to a crazy fangirl moment - can't believe that day I nearly stayed in because I was feeling ill!  Anyway I'm just absent mindedly tapping at the keys while watching HIMYM so not positive this is making sense at all - enjoy bank holiday tomorrow everyone!


  1. Awesome pics! I like the views and perspectives of the ferris wheel and your 2 wheeled steed. The kitty is cute and your hair is gorgeous. I love the photo of you and Kayla together. Those embellished shorts you featured in a previous post are beautiful. The pool looks very inviting. I love the dress you were wearing in the 12/4 years photo. It looks like you had a fab time.

  2. Awesome pictures! Looks fab

  3. Amazing photos! I love your hair!


  4. your pink hair is the cutest thing ever oh my

  5. I think I would fan girl if I bumped into Danny from Mcfly as well aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. Your blog gives me so much inspiration <3 and I think I'll maybe start Sunday Summaries as well! Great idea ;)

  7. LOVE that Moschino bag! I saw one I wanted whilst I was on holiday in January, but it was a lot of money at 200 euro. :( I do regret not buying it though now.


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