Sunday 4 October 2015

Sunday Summary Week 229

1/ Messy plaits are my fave   2/ Pretty floor in the hot dog shop
3/ £1 fruit pot yes please   4/ LV exhibition lighting on point
5/ Emma drew me!   6/ Lazy Oaf X Casper launch
7/ All black OOTD   8/ Wandering around London

This week saw me finally starting uni (well, having my induction) and I have my first lecture on Thursday, bit nervy!  Thursday is also my birthday so I'm pretty excited about that, hopefully all goes well and I have a good day, my birthdays have a history of being pretty crappy (often due to my high expectations) so I'm hoping all goes well, 21st is a big'un!


  1. Happy birthday for thursday, i hope this one isnt crappy for you, i know that feeling pretty well x

    Dana ||

  2. Wonderful summary with so beautiful pictures!
    you re very welcome to check my new post :
    If you like to travel!
    wish you a fab week!

  3. I loved all the pictures! And happy birthday from now Amy <3
    You don't usually visit other blogs?

  4. Your Instagram always amazes me. Good luck in your first lecture!

    Emma at

  5. Beautiful photos Amy! London has such gorgeous architecture <3

  6. Gorgeous photos! That wolf t-shirt in the first photo is beautiful, where is it from? :) xxx

  7. Love the wolf top. xx

  8. Run-on sentence ahead: Your loose braids look pretty, the howling wolf graphic is great, the cup of fruit lookd yummy, I love your lipstick, I like Emma's talented portrait, I like the fashions on the Lazy Oaf x Casper site, you look pretty in your black OOTD, and that building in London looks awesome - I feel like a dunce not knowing what its name is. Two days belatedly, Happy 21st Birthday! I hope your birthday wishes come true and that your time at Uni is very enjoyable.

  9. Really love these Sunday Summary's you do, such a lovely idea, and your photos are always gorgeous,
    Emma | Be Happyyy


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