Sunday 11 October 2015

Sunday Summary Week 230

1/ New necklaces from The Serpents Club   2/ Wandering around London
3/ Sushi 4 lyf   4/ Thigh socks make everything cute (DD dress)
5/ Giving away an Ampfly iPhone speaker case!   6/ New Chxrmed jewellery
7/ Fave sunnies atm   8/ Birthday OOTD
9/ Feelin' witchy   10/ Cute crockery
11/ Afternoon tea @ Sketch   12/ Details (Chxrmed jewellery, BMTH badge)

It's happened - I have started at university and the work is already piling in - they don't start off easy on you here!  Really enjoying my course at the moment though, just struggling to fit everything in, wish me luck!


  1. My favourite out of all of these photos is the selfie of you standing beside the antique brass bed taken in the fabulous arch-top mirror door wearing the "Drop Dead graphic mini-dress and thigh-high socks I also love colour of the lipstick you wore in these photos, your choker, and the "Charmed" triquetra with circle charm pendent (I love the series "Charmed"). Best wishes for the coming semesters at Uni.

  2. Love those sunglasses! London's architecture is so precious too.

  3. Hope everything is going well at Uni! I know how hard it is to keep up to date with work, blogging & having a social life too haha!

    Emma at

  4. good luck amy! you can do it, you can balance everything. :))

    xoxo, rae

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