Saturday 2 January 2016

My 2015 in Bloopers


Instead of a resolutions post that I know I won't stick to, I thought I'd scour through my shoots and bring you some of the photos that didn't make the original cut (for obvious reasons).  I have accumulated a load of my derpy moments to show you it's not always plain sailing when shooting photos!


My attention hungry dogs/baby brother often pose an issue - they're lucky they're so damn cute.

As you can see from my poses I am a very graceful creature.


Wind and hats are not a recommended combination, and trying to not look like you're freezing your tits off on the roof of a car park in January is a difficult feat.


Although wind can often create some interesting hairstyles.  I especially appreciate my octopus hair.


Skirts are also an issue.

Too much of sun is also not a good thing..

And how can we forget the 'or nah?' photos?  I had to cut out a significant amount from this post, although I doubt you're surprised.


Although taking photos can be long and boring...

It's also super fun and I wouldn't change anything about my journey.  Thanks so much to you guys for supporting me. <3

Lastly, of course I have to give credit to my wonderful photographers who have put up with endless photoshoots and braving the cold to help me out.  I had to include some of the test shots of Alex and his adorably grumpy face.


And I couldn't leave out the magnificent Polly, who has some interesting get-ups for our spontaneous shoots.  She gives no fucks.


In the recent months I met the fabulous Tessa who is an absolute pleasure to shoot with, and is the reason that the quality has stepped up a bit (no more slightly blurry shots from my broken lens!) and I can't wait to create more content with her in 2016!

Hope you guys liked seeing me goof around - I thought I'd post this instead of a yearly round-up post so you can have some new content!
Happy New Year to you all - make 2016 your bitch <3


  1. Amy I've never been so jealous of a persons legs before! Bloopers or not you still look wicked ;) x

  2. That picture of you and your bro in a dress is so cute oh my god! All of this is so cute and I loved your showcasing of your photographers too ahhhhhh I love it. Happy 2016 girl!!!!!! x

  3. All of these photos are fabulous! Thank you for the smiles :D They're wonderful!

  4. Love this post so much, it's so cute & amusing to see all the outtakes! :')
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  5. I think I like these more than the ones that did make the original cut :)

    Happy new year!

    Insomnia ///

  6. Such an awesome idea for a post! Really enjoyed scrolling through it, happy 2016 x

    Dana ||

  7. I love this post you're too awesome xx

  8. love this post! x

  9. these are so cute 😋

  10. Oh my god you are so adorable and beautiful! These are the absolute cutest things ever! you are a total inspiration to me :p


  11. This post is so relatable! I have hundreds of shots that will never see the light of day because of derpy faces haha

    Sophie x
    That's Groovy

  12. This post is wonderful! I love seeing derpy bloopers just as much as I love your cool than cool outfit posts. Please share more of these at some point!

    Megan x
    London Callings

  13. I looooooove your looks and your blog, you are awesome, beuatiful.
    I'm your fã
    † Inocentemente Ingênua †

  14. This is adorable! We need more posts like this, polished and posed photos are great but this definitely shows off your personality.

    Niamh x
    Remember Rayne

  15. Hahaha I loved it! This things happens to me to. Happy New Year!
    From Brazil..
    Sofia x

  16. so many lolz... love this so much!!!

  17. Ah this post is brilliant! So fun and you look stunning in all of the photos! Made me laugh!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  18. Ah i loved this post! such a great and different post to end the year on x

  19. Those hair flips though, hair envy! This is the fun side of blogging, the bloopers no one ever gets to see, I love it!x


  20. awww, i love this kind of posts! really funny and awesome pictures :)
    i'm glad you share them with us ♥

    have an amazing new year and stay wonderful!!

    Shittyfucky Shop

  21. Girl your hair is amazing, these are super cute photos!
    Kirsten Ann


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