Friday 15 January 2016

The Man In The High Castle #AmazonVideoClub


I don't think its very much a secret that I'm addicted to TV Shows; I have lost large chunks of my life to binge watching shows online (I'm too impatient for watching live TV haha!) #noregrets.  You may be aware of the #AmazonVideoClub if you're up to date on my previous posts or follow my Twitter - it's like a traditional book club, but with TV, so we watch an episode of a new show every week!
I met up with fellow #AmazonVideoClub member, Zoe, for a lunch and catch-up and we had a little chat about Amazon Video and the shows we might feature as our choice for the week.  Zoe chose Red Oaks, and I picked out The Man In The High Castle - something I'd seen ads for all around and it looks super interesting.

So I kind of went above and beyond the '1 episode per week' thing and may or may not have watched the entire season in 3 days..and have a screenshots album dedicated to the main character..I was kinda swept off my feet by his gorgeousness - I mean it's not weird because it was for a blog post! Right?!

Dreamy actors aside, this show is thrilling and hard-hitting.  A subject seldom explored, but often speculated - it's what could have been if Germany won World War II.  I've always been pretty into my history so I found it so interesting, and the plot always had me on the edge of my seat.  Can't wait for season 2!

If you want to be a part of the #AmazonVideoClub, students can trial the service for 6 months, then get the service for 50% off, which includes Prime one-day delivery, Amazon Music and a free audiobook every month!

Check out the promotion here; will you be watching #HighCastle?  Make sure to join the Twitter conversation with #AmazonVideoClub!

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  1. I accidentally signed up to Amazon Prime (signed up for a free trial and then forgot to know the drill) but I actually really want to take advantage of Amazon Video purely to watch The Man in the High Castle! It looks really good! I'll look forward to more of your and Zoe's posts to get the most out of my membership!


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