Friday, 27 April 2018



If you've been following my Instagram you'll have seen I flew away from my uni responsibilities for a whirlwind trip with The Moxy Amsterdam Houthavens!  I took a ridiculous amount of photos so I thought I'd share them with you guys!

It all started with a 4am taxi - I'm not a morning person at all but how can you complain when you're jetsetting off to the beautiful Netherlands?  Luckily it's a super short journey so we were all set up at the hotel in no time.  I've honestly never stayed in a hotel so welcoming - the communal areas are so cosy and accommodating, whether you have work to catch up on or want to hang around for a couple drinks with friends, deffo took a load of pics for inspo if I ever get my own place.


After freshening up, Lulu and I ventured into central, straight in on a 15 minute bus - way easier than places I've stayed in previously.  We explored the canals for a couple of hours taking endless photos, and of course paid the red light district a visit, before heading back to freshen up for the boat party(!!).


The hotel is right by the docks, so a short walk took us to the Moxy boat to be greeted by the glorious Mayday with pink champagne ready for us all.  All the other influencers were so damn lovely and I was honestly in my element chillin' on the bow of a boat during sunset - an experience I'll remember vividly for a long time.


Day 2 started with a chilled out breakfast and the Blank Canvas art class led by Kristel Steenbergen.  We all got to let our creative juices run free and painted a mural together, before hopping on some bikes to the artificial beach, DOK, for a bite to eat.  I tried my first surf 'n' turf (it's a yes from me) and nearly melted in the sun - it was actually a relief to hop on the bikes and get some breeze.  The town is a short bike ride away, and bike is by far the best way to get around and see the gorgeous architecture of the city; our destination was the Denim City where we learned all about the process of sustainable denim - super interesting!

After sending out some postcards in town and a lovely dinner at Pont 13 by the docks, Lulu and I got our glam on for the launch party; the lobby was packed with people from all around and this party was wild.  Downstairs was pumping with the DJ decks blasting out the bangers, booze flowing, a crazy dance routine from performers, and even a tattoo parlour!  Two of the actual hotel rooms were decorated as 'into the woods' and 'get knotty' - my fave being the latter as it was all glittery and had gorgeous mermaids practicing shibari knots.


The night ended with me jumping on a giant unicorn pool float (obviously) and it's safe to say my head was not in the best way the next morning, so I sadly missed out on the workout in their flashy gym, d'oh!

Regardless, I had the absolute time of my life with the Moxy crew, so a massive thanks to the team, and if you guys are looking at an Amsterdam escape, I'd wholeheartedly recommend The Moxy - they have destinations all across the globe, so definitely bear them in mind for your next trip.



  1. You look like a movie star - I couldn't help wondering whether you've been in any movies yet. Your Amsterdam escape at the Moxy looks like it was a lot of fun, and you look gorgeous in all of your photos. I especially love the photos of you rocking the cropped SheIn Lace Overlay Backless Pleated Dress and the photo of you and Lulu sitting on the deck of the boat together.

  2. I'm super passionate and inspired by you, since 2014 when I met you and you still have very successful kisses

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  4. Damn girl you are amazing!!
    I’m following your blog! And I would love if you could follow me too :D

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  5. omg you look PERFECT
    and so does that pizza tower and Amsterdam, wish I could move there some day xx lovely pictures

  6. You look gorgeous as always~ Love the white dress!
    idol net worth


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