Tuesday, 25 February 2020


Seeing as it's a year to the month since I've posted (sorry guys), I thought I'd dust off the ol' blog, and bring it into the new decade with a fun set I shot with my pal André the other day!


We just shot in André's room - he's a tattoo artist so the walls are covered in his drawings which is so dope!  I didn't have a real concept in mind, just shoved a ton of clothes into a bag and hoped for the best really.  One of my resolutions this year is to shoot 'proper' photosets with real photographers, not just a quick outfit snap on my iPhone.

André has a little spotlight he uses to draw with, and he used it to light these photos, which is how he got the fun spotlight effect - some shots definitely look like they could be used for my fire country mixtape lmao.






I'm dead happy with how these photos turned out, and really want to shoot with photographers more this year, so if you wanna create something cool, please do get in touch!



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  2. love these photos! i recently started reading your blog and i'm so glad you're still updating, your style is fabulous.


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