Wednesday 9 March 2022



Ah yes, this was the day I had a meltdown while getting dressed because I decided I hated my entire wardrobe and felt 'old' in everything I tried on.  Looking back, I think this outfit is hella cute - don't you just hate your own brain sometimes?

We went for a walk down Brick Lane in an attempt to clear some brain fog, and despite not dressing quite appropriate enough for February in London, it seemed to bring in a crumb of serotonin.  Having spoken to a couple pals, I think everyone's very much in the same boat at the moment.  It all feels very menial and odd having to carry on business as usual while living through a pandemic and a war?

Anyway, I'll leave it here before I get a little existential - hope you liked my lil grunge fit, and I'll see ya next time.

A x



  1. This look is perfect! ♥

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  9. I am really, really LOVING the movement in the wind of your plaid wrap mini-skirt, hair, and bag as you're having a bite to eat in the GIF you posted above!!!!!! :D
    Absolutely fabulous!
    The vintage mini kilt in tartan check co-ord you provided a shopping link for also looks pretty.
    Thank you so very much for posting the fabulous photos and GIF of you!
    To me you are most definitely a superstar.
    All the best! <3 xx

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  14. Wow,was für ein schönes Outfit.Das gefällt mir megagut.Auch die Bilder sind toll,obwohl du für mich auf dem letzten Bild einen sehr tiefen Einblick unter deinen Rock zulässt.Oder trägst du noch ein neutrales Panty über deinem Höschen und der Strumpfhose?

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