Tuesday, 20 September 2016


HAT // H&M


I felt like a 70's queen in this outfit - these bell bottoms fit like a glove and are so flattering!  I definitely got quite a few stares wandering the streets of Guildford in them, but they make my butt look fab so people can look all they like heheh.

This whole get-up was actually inspired by one of my fave bloggers Linabugz - I love how she tied up a printed tee with her bells on her Instagram so had to try it for myself; definitely go follow her, she's one of my fav accounts!

After shooting these we had a quick Pokemon Go session (Guildford is a fab place for it btw) and tried the new thai restaurant in town Thaikhun, the food was unreal and v affordable; definitely recommend it if you're near a branch!


  1. Ohhh my, those flares are sooo lush! Love this outfit, you look absolutely amazing <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. This outfit is amazing, love it!

    Emma at www.collagemepretty.com

  3. adore this outfit! wish i could rock flares this good, my legs are too short! http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/fallen-leaves-autumn-dreams.html

  4. Perfection! :D You hair is amazing as always!


  5. Perfection! :D You hair is amazing as always!


  6. Gorgeous look, the pants are fricken amazing, they seriously make you look amaze!

    Dana | fashiondew.co.uk

  7. Those pants are killer! I don't think I could ever pull them out but they look stunning on you! Great post.


  8. Oh my, you look like a freakin' MERMAID! So gorgeous!

  9. Wow I love those pants!! :))


  10. Beautiful look!

  11. Those flares are everything! <3

  12. Love this outfit! The flares and hat are incredible <3

    Y x | www.thesweetsevenfive.com

  13. You look amazing - love the look of those fab MXCI velvet bell bottoms. I also like the graphics on your Rokit Vintage top. Your hair looks beautiful as always - cute outfit!


  14. Adore this look and your hairstyle is so pretty!


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  16. LOOKS very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. I have to say you look fantastic in those cool pants ! The teal colour does wonders with your pink hair. ;)


  19. Your hair is so awesome!

  20. Oooh, I love the outfit. I miss wearing those kind of outfits! We have cold autumn in my homeland :c

  21. Holy damn those velvet green flared pants are AMAZING! You totally rock them! <3 <3

  22. Love this look, you pull off those trousers so well!!

    Much love,

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  24. Wow what a pretty girl!!!!!!!

  25. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!


  26. I am in LOVE with those trousers! Not only do they look amazing, but soo comfy too! This is an amazing outfit :)


  27. *****
    5 stars to this outfit & the way it fits on you.
    Love the bohemian look

  28. *****
    5 stars to this outfit & the way it fits on you.
    Love the bohemian look


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