Thursday, 24 February 2011


hey i'm amy :)
i've decided that i'm going to start a blog, as an outlet kind of thing, somewhere i can just post my happenings, interests and everything, i dunno.  i have previously had a blog, cause i have my own little jewellery business and i used it as a kind of joint blog for my and my jewellery shop updates, but it got really jumbled so i decided to start a new blog! i'm not really sure what i'm gonna post really, but i have a few ideas.  i'm still working on the whole layout and graphics part but that should be sorted soon hopefully.

i've been having a difficult time with everything in general at the moment so i just need something to take my mind off things, which is what this little haven is going to be (: i guess blogging is kinda new and unusual to some, especially to a few of my friends but whatever, i love all of the blogging community and aspire to be a part of it all! (without sounding like a retard)

i don't know what kind of things i'll be doing, probably just lifestyle things but maybe outfit posts, photography, diy? idk thats what everyone seems to like on blogs etc.  i'll give it a try i guess (:
thanks for reading, if anyone is actually reading this!
love amy x


  1. Miss Amy! I am so in love with your cutesy room :)


  2. hehe thank you, might do a room post soon, just need to put up a shelf d: xx

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