Friday, 25 February 2011

put the stars in our eyes

1. me in one of my vain moments
2. me & joe, the only photo of me tonight taken on a decent camera!
3. group photo with the macbook, shocking quality though

woooo i have 1 follower! ahaha come on guyss help me out here! i might make some buttons or whatever and ask for bloggers to put them in their sidebars so i can get more views and possibly followers? who knows.

so anyway, tonight was reallllly fun.  i had a few friends over for a gathering and it was just chilled and  nice, not done anything like it for a while so was good to have. you may have guessed that the above photo is what i wore aha, i'm not sure whether or not to put where my clothes are from etc like eeevery other blogger out there so i didn't, because no one's really reading this anyway.  also, if you don't really know me, normally i have my hair straight or leave it natural, which is kinda wavy but tonight (even you can't really see it in this picture) i curled it! not much of a difference, i know, but i want to create a new 'me' after what's been happening lately, i've just got bored of myself, if you know what i mean? probably not but yyaknow, i'm trying!

so i am absolutely knackered now and i'm off to remove my makeup, change into my pj's and get all snuggled up in bed! night night reader(s?) :D
love amy x


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