Sunday 27 March 2011

And I

the only somewhat decent photos of the ones taken.  i'm a rtard.
feeble attempt at an 'outfit post'.  basically all the blogs i follow do them, so guess people must take interest in them?  anyway, as you may be able to tell from the picture, i'm absolutely knackered! had a pretty late night last night but whev, hopefully i can keep going all of today then i'll go to bed early and not fall asleep during the day tomorrow!  but yeah, i bought these shorts in primark yesterday and looove them.  they were only £9!  i also got the american flag top that everyone has and some socks and feather headband thingy.  i'll probs feature them in future posts if i can be bothered.

so today was my mums birthday meal, we went to some prosh restaurant and i was practically falling asleep at the table, my bad.  but yuh, was alright, now i have a food baby.  i should probably be tidying my room and doing my homework right now but i have too short an attention span and i'm procrastinating like a boss.

must go play on my ds now, i think i'm having withdrawal symptoms. baaai
love amy x
ps. the title is a boxcar racer song, look it up!


  1. love your shorts! the painting on your wardrobe is really cute :D xx

  2. thank you! and it's actually a vinyl decal, not a painting (: xx

  3. Those shorts are beyond gorgeous and your hair is so incredible :) x


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