Sunday 17 April 2011

Goodnight Vienna

As promised, here are the pictures from the gig on friday.  There were a load of bands playing, which were all really good, including:  Goodnight Vienna (my friend's band) where the vocalist of Follow Wyliss joined them for a song, as well as Rise Above and We Start Partys.  The gig also meant I could see and catch up with a load of my friends, which was really fun.  I also brought along Alex, and we're kind of an 'item' now, as you can see from the last photo!  Oh, and the pictures of the actual gig aren't mine, just the last 7.  My friend Tom took the first few.

There are quite a few pictures so apologies if it takes ages to load! Also, if you read the previous post, I never did go to the gym in the end, I'm so lazy, but in need to tone up, I'll definitely go next week!  Lastly, stay tuned for more photography post, as I have a load of pictures from the other day, and will probably have a load more tomorrow, as I'm going to Bournemouth.  So excited!
love amy x

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  1. Aww i really liked these post :)
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