Monday 18 April 2011


1/ alex's dream catcher
2/ paddy, alex's dog
3/ relentless can collection
4/ golduck action figure i gave alex
5/ "
6/ me being a grumpypants
7/ dream catcher, again
8/ in town
9/ skanky bottle/table
10/ alex and his hair tanlines, naww
11/ 'cause he's a dirty smoker
12/ mirror iphone cover

I'm at Bournemouth beach at the moment, so this is a scheduled post.  Just thought I'd share some photography, I've been getting back into it a little more recently, which is good because I was on the verge of changing my mind about taking it for A-level!  Anyway, these photos are just a few random ones from around alex's house when I went round the other day and when we went into Farnham town.  Not the best photo set but meh hope you like them I guess? (:
love amy x

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