Sunday 15 May 2011

Granny Hill!

Sorry about the late post!  I did promise it yesterday but I was mega busy finishing off art coursework so never got round to it.  Here are a few pictures from our 'granny hill' themed day at school.  It is a pretty unconventional theme, but it was still pretty funny watching 16 year old girls hobble around like lunatics. the name comes from the name of our school, as it's called Farnborough Hill, but people call it 'fanny hill' because it's shorter to say and is an all girls school-makes sense in a crude way I guess, but that's why 'granny' is a pun.  I actually started study leave today, but I will still be going into school as I am completely incapable of concentrating on revision at home, at least at school I can properly get to work.

May make a post of the formal day we had today sometime this week, as well as another photography-ish post and possibly a fashion post so stay tuned!
love amy x

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