Sunday 29 May 2011

Sunday summary week 3

1/ Brother asleep in the car, hahaha
2/ Experimenting with watercolours, a proper post coming soon!
3/ Goats cheese on toast, my favourite lunch EVER
4/ Pretty sky
5/ Revision, obviously
6/ I love u graffiti + hipstamatic
7/ Freddie eating things as usual
8/ So addicted to the 'Words with friends' app, had some funny words too hahaha

Had a pretty hectic day today as it was Freddie's christening which was pretty long.  Then after we had to do the whole boring adult party where Nana is constantly nagging at you to put out food, clear up glasses and all that.  Did not help that I was knackered and was wearing 5 inch wedges!  I wish I'd taken an outfit post as it's not often that I dress up but I didn't get the opportunity, soz!
love amy x


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