Tuesday 7 June 2011

Blogger award!

The lovely Doc gave me a blog award!  It's a little late really, as she did so a little while ago but I was unable to access her blog, but it's all good now, and I'd like to thank her, I really appreciate it!  I'm apparently supposed to write 7 facts about myself so here goes:

1/ I have many obscure interests, I dwell in my childhood more than I really should.  For example, I still watch Pokemon when it's on, play the nintendo games, disney, stuff like that.  My friends do think it a little strange sometimes, and at one point someone told me to 'just grow up' which, weirdly enough, I actually got really offended by.  I believe a person never really has to 'grow up'.  Who wants to live in boring 'grown up' world?

2/ I also have a pretty different music taste.  Most of my friends are into all the poppy charts music like Jason Derulo and stuff (can't think of any to name!) with the occasional 'indie' lover, like Bombay Bicycle Club etc, but I don't really listen to that.  If you asked me to name 5 songs in the top 10 I wouldn't be able to haha.  It's not that I don't want to listen to it, I just never listen to the radio anymore and I don't listen to any of the chart artists.  However, if there is a chart song that I like, I will listen to it, I don't try to 'avoid' chart music.  My preferred genre is quite heavy, one of my favourite bands is A Day To Remember, so mostly screaming with singing as well, but I do like metal etc too.

3/ I'm a hoarder.  I'm paranoid that I'm going to forget about my memories, so I keep everything with even the weakest sentimental value to it, so that I can always come back to it and remember the times, that I may or may not have forgotten.

4/ I hate water.  I know this is pretty strange, but I just don't like the taste.  Ever since I can remember, I've lived off Robinsons apple & blackcurrant squash or summer fruits.  I've just become accustomed to it.  I will, however, drink water if it is ice cold.  I don't like fizzy drinks either, with the exception of Appletiser and Lemonade if I'm out for a meal or something, but that's it!

5/ I love making things.  I've always been really creative, and I'm constantly working on a project, whether active or not.  At the moment, my latest project is customising shorts, screenprinting and as always, jewellery making.  I've had a jewellery business in the past, a current (temporary) improved jewellery business, and I plan to open a proper business selling a wider variety of products this summer with a couple of partners.

6/ I'm constantly buying new things.  I absolutely hate it, my bank is being completely drained and I just can't stop!  My wardrobe is overflowing with things I don't wear, yet I never throw them away, as one day I 'might want to wear it'.  On the plus side, it means I always get little surprises in the post as I normally forget about something when I order it!

7/ I have no clue as to what I'm interested in becoming when I'm older.  I have so many interests that I could pursue, yet I have no idea, about even what industry I want to look into.  However, at the moment I'm getting pretty interested about creating my own major brand, but I'm pretty pessimistic most of the time, and I know that this will probably not earn me a decent living, due to past experience.  For the time being, I guess I'll just live in the moment and apply at Lush!
love amy x

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  1. I think I can pretty much empathize with you on all of these - bleugh, growing up! and sorry, I only just saw your comment from a few posts back, READING FEST WOOH! go this year, it's gunna be awesome :) xo


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