Wednesday 8 June 2011


My nails were getting pretty bad, so I went to the salon to get them redone (I have acrylic nails).  I had to have a complete soak-off as they were getting all damaged and skanky. It's the longest process, I had to sit in the place for over an hour and a half!  It's worth it though, as your nails look so good afterwards (apart from I'm not really too sure about the shape this time, they made them all stubby and square) and because the nails are stable and completely hardened, unlike real nails which are naturally able to bend, your nail varnish never chips, so I never have to worry about that!  I decided I'd go a little different from the usual colour scheme, and try out silver.  Unfortunately I don't have the brand or the bottle in the photos, as it belonged to the salon, but in real life you can see all the little sparkles, and the coverage is so good, the silver was completely solid within just two coats! Oh, and I bought the cross knuckle ring ages ago from eBay, it's so annoying that everyone has them now!

love amy x

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