Saturday 18 June 2011

Little Victories

Belt: £2 Primark
Shorts: Made by me

Bag: $9.46

Leopard Scarf: £0.50 Thrifted

Dreamcatcher Keyring: £2 (I think) eBay

Ring: $0.26

A short while ago, came into contact with me and asked if I would feature some of their items on my blog.  I agreed and they sent me some of their stuff.  It arrived the other day and I'm delighted with it! Only some of the items I received are in this post so I'll make a separate one soon.  In this post, the items I received are the bag, top and ring;  I made the shorts myself from a pair of skanky old trousers and I'm really pleased with how they turned out.  This is the kind of stuff I want to feature in my business.  Anyway, I would urge you all to go check out as they have such a wide variety of clothing, shoes and accessories for all genders and ages and the prices are so low it's amazing!  I actually placed another order with them as well as this first lot as I had way too many items that I loved which didn't fit the budget I was given! 

I'd like to thank for finding me and being supportive of my blog, and I really hope that you go check them out, they add loads of new stuff every day!
love amy x


  1. great outfit-ill have to check out that website

    p.swhere did you get the studs for your shorts from?? x

  2. wow those shorts are amazing, cant believe you made them yourself, well done! :) xxx

  3. nice shorts and top! (:

  4. Really NICE outfit!!!
    You're Room look so great, can you take some Photos of it
    And show us?? That will be Great!

  5. i loveeee your boots *.*

  6. You look awesome!!!
    I loveee that ring & bag! I need to check out that site!

  7. your blog is gorgeous.. I love this outfit, your shorts are amazing!... definitely following you, follow me?


  8. thats so cute


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