Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Summary Week 6

1/ Freddie's getting good at standing/climbing, hehe
2/ Up to 199 followers on my Tumblr, someone be my 200th!
3/ Rediscovered how amazing tea is with chocolate
4/ My mac was running on 0% battery, whaaat
5/ Watched The Little Mermaid Online (link)
6/ Alex wearing my DD Jacket
7/ Watched the lunar eclipse online
8/ Random photobooth sesh (larger pic)

Happy fathers day everyone?  I'm just doing a quick post as I have to get ready to go out for lunch with dad and everyone.  We're going to The Four Seasons Hotel (!!) so I'm gonna have to be pretty posh!  I'm kind of panicking about his card, as I went to town to buy him one yesterday but my card was rejected, even for £1.99 so I couldn't get him one, shows how broke I am at the moment, guess I'll have to make him one!
love amy x

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