Sunday 19 June 2011

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner Review

I've not actually done any proper 'beauty' posts yet, and from the poll I put on my blog a while ago, they're what people want to see.  My mum bought this new 'lasting drama gel eyeliner' by Maybelline.  The gel has a really nice smooth consistency and it's similar to the 'cake' eyeshadow/eyeliners that I've come across in the past, as it allows you to create many different looks, depending on the amount that you use.  The gel is easy to apply, lasted all day with me and it's completely opaque so I'm really happy with it.  It also comes with a special brush to apply it with.  My only criticism is that the brush is quite thick, as you can see from the strokes on my hand, even when used sideways.  This is fixeable though, I would just say cut the brush at a diagonal angle, or use an angled eyeshadow brush, as this will give a sharper, more precise line.  It's usual price is £7.99 but at the moment, Boots and Superdrug are offering £2 off online, so click on the shop names to go to the page!
love amy x

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