Thursday 9 June 2011

A Rant

This is probably going to be a one-off post, and I know that most followers will not read it all, seeing as this is a ~fashion blog and any post without a picture is not worth reading.  This post is about a certain girl, whom shall remain unnamed, but if you know me personally, you will know who I'm talking about.  This girl is actually so lovely, and really fun to be with, but a lot of my friends don't like her.  There was a period where she would hang round with my group of friends and it was really fun and everything was fine, then a few shenanigans happened, which caused her friends to turn against her.  See the thing I don't understand, is that these things could of happened to any of my friends, but because this girl is, well, this girl, people act in a totally different manner.  She is denied forgiveness, even though the issue has blown over long ago.  You would think that people would forget about these matters, and move on but the case is quite the opposite.  People still throw insults at her and are always talking about her behind her back, making fun of the fact that she posts her feelings on her tumblr, even though most of the people have tumblr themselves, and also post their thoughts and emotions on there.  I don't understand why this girl gets the abuse, yet I have my own proper blog, where I do post personal things, many of which I could get taken the mickey of, yet no one has ever said a word.  Constant abuse has been hurled at this girl, and it has actually turned into bullying.  Facebook groups have been made, making fun of her, and she is constantly excluded from everything, then when she is finally invited to something with the group she used to be good friends with, everyone makes it awkward and the atmosphere is horrible.  Imagine if you were that girl.  Imagine if you always felt as excluded as she does and gets shit for writing about your feelings on your personal space.  They don't have to read it, they can have their opinions, they could keep their mouths shut; but no.  I know how it feels to be left out, I know how it feels to think that you don't have any friends, no one to turn to, you don't get invited out, and you find yourself being a 'tag along' and a plus one.  Luckily I was accepted, this girl has been turned away.  The abuse that she has had, has led to her leaving her tumblr, which she has worked so hard on, and had a lot of followers, which is hard to achieve.  I don't know if you'll read this or not, but if you do, I got your back, and the people who don't like her, I'm not asking for you to change your opinion her, or try to be nice to her, but just keep your mouth shut; words can hurt deeper than you intend.

love amy x


  1. Girls can be so cruel. Even though that gal has everyone against her, I know just having you there for her means alot. Your a sweet gal xo

  2. I dont know who you are talking about, but I think that its great that you post an article like that. People are some mean with their peer, its getting ridiculous.


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