Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sunday Summary Week 9

/ Created a packing list for my spain holiday!
2/ Nana bought a blow up sumo suit for my brothers, obviously I needed to have a go
3/ On the plane flying over pretty mountains, so many of them
4/ I got a free sample of one wax strip in a magazine, what is the point?
5/ Getting creative with watercolours in my moleskine by the pool
6/ Our villa/my home for 2 weeks

Things I loved this week:
1/ This song from the band my boyfriend introduced me to called ‘Right Away Great Captain!’
2/ These gorgeous clothes from an up-coming designer, JAM IT DOWN
3/ This seriously addictive unicorn game!

Sorry I missed this post!  I can't believe it's 3 days late! I am able to get on the internet in Spain if I go down to the library which has an internet connection, but it’s closed on Sundays so I wasn’t able to so my Sunday summary post.  So although it’s Monday, I’m still pleased that I can get internet here at all, because in the past I’ve had to go down to the internet café, spending a euro for every five minutes that I’m online, and that really isn’t worth it!

The appearance of my blog is seriously killing me at the moment.  I'm really OCD with the posts and how it looks and I always make sure that the weekly's that I do are spaced out with different topic posts.  Now I have so many sunday summaries and wednesday wants and it's stressing me out! I've now scheduled some posts so hopefully it'll sort itself out and they'll work.

I’ve been here in Moraira, Spain for 5 full days now and it’s blistering hot here!  I’m already starting to go brown as I tan really easily and we’re lucky enough to have a pool to go in, but I annoyingly have to avoid getting my hair wet, as I’ve got quite a lot of bleach in it and do not want to come back with green hair!  As I said, the lack of readily available (close by) internet means that posts will be less frequent but I’ve got a few scheduled ones lined up for you guys.  At the moment I’m just dealing with reading all the updates on my dashboard, I follow quite a lot of blogs and I read every new post as I hate missing out, so the build up that occurs is crazy!  So yeah, stay tuned for some scheduled posts and that, bye bye!
love amy x


  1. Totally thought the same about the one wax strip, really isn't any point!. Hope your having an amazing time on holiday (:


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