Friday 15 July 2011


Swallow knuckle ring - €5.00 Ale-Hop
White sheer stripe tee w/ writing - €5.99 Zara
Desert print vest - €5.99 Zara
Pink vest - €5.95 Zara
Floral skirt - €7.99 Zara
Black pleat skirt - €9.99 Zara
Brown bag - €39.99 Zara

The other day I went to a big shopping centre here in Spain called Ondara.  The shops there are pretty good, with a Pull and Bear and a Zara, as well as a few others.  At the beginning of the holiday, me and my brothers were given €50 to spend, and I had already brought €30 savings from previous holidays so went crazy with the sales.  I always find that the Zara stores in spain are better than the ones in the UK, especially the teenage range that they do (TRF).  I bought a few tops, two skirts, a bag and a ring.  The ring was from a store called Ale-Hop which sells a load of random stuff, it's really cool actually, bit of a shame we don't have it in England. (If you did bother to do the maths, you will know that I spend more than my limit.  My mum helped me out with the little that I went over)

I looove the vest with the desert print on it.  It's quite small on me, but it was going so cheap, there was only one left, and I've been wanting a similar one for so long.  It's really similar to the clothing made by Your Eyes Lie and Black Milk so I'm delighted with it, bargain!

I'm a little stuck on the bag I bought.  It is probably the best quality bag that I have acquired, as it is genuine leather and is really strong etc. But I spent so much on it, €40!  I do like it, but I'm having doubts, as I know that if I took it back I would have another €40 to spend on holiday, as it is only day 7 of 14 so I have none left for my holiday.  I also don't really use brown bags that often, as I mostly wear black shoes or accents to my outfit, so would not use it as much as my other bags, which are all cheaper than it.  I'd really love your honest opinion on it, I won't be offended if you say what you think!  Should I keep it or save the money to put towards a Cambridge Satchel or something?
love amy x


  1. Looks like you got some lovely bits! I love the satchel! I was like you and used to use mainly black accents and accessories, but then I bought a brown satchel from River Island for £35 which I thought was a bit pricey, but I decided to treat myself! I've used it pretty much every day since, it is surprising how many outfits it works with! I have to say that the one you bought looks slightly small, although this could just be the angle the photo is taken at...
    I'd keep it, your on holiday, treat yourself ;D.

  2. I'm sorry I've only just replied to your comment but I'd love to interview you! Email me @ when you get a chance! Love this haul, that bag is gorge, maybe just wait until you see something you prefer before returning it? xxx

  3. I love the tops you got!
    I really like the bag too :) I'd only take it back if I was sure I wouldn't regret it and if the quality is good then maybe it's worth keeping?

  4. Lovely clothes :) Oh UK Zara is not so good? Shame, because i´m going to the UK tomrorow.. >.>
    But the bag is cute, but i think 40€ is a looot for it, i would take it back. You won´t miss it, but think of the many things you could get instead for 40€ ! Maybe find a market and get another nice bag for cheaper :) x

  5. That is so close to where I lived! I'm not sure why but that excited me beyond reason. . ha, theres a shop called bijou brigitte upstairs I LOVED that place. Spent soo much money in there.

  6. I'd keep the bag, it would look great with really tight denim blue jeans and a white vest top x

  7. great post and you are gorgeous!

  8. Love the ring! You have great taste in jewellery!
    Also love the black skirt, really in to pleats right now x

  9. Really like your tops!

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