Monday 25 July 2011

The Lost Girls

Ink marl turband: Crown & Glory (won in a giveaway!)
"The Lost Girls" Crop tee: Charity shop
Floral skirt: €7.99 Zara

So here I am, sporting my new Crown & Glory turband that I won in the Wallpaper Rose giveaway and the skirt I bought in my recent haul.  It's a little more girlier than the stuff I usually wear but you can't wear the same stuff all the time I guess. I'm pretty happy with the tan I got from spain, apart from my face, I never seem to tan on my face though, which is annoying, but at least I can wear makeup to create the illusion, sun makes you age more anyway.  I also apologise for the grainy-ness of these photos.  The room was perfectly light and settings on camera were as normal, so I don't know what went wrong but meh, what can you do.
love amy x


  1. You look so amazing, you are really, really pretty xxx

  2. Wow love this outfit! You look gorgeous! You've also made me really want to paint a french manicure! x

  3. i'm extremely jealous of your tan! but i'm off to portugal in just over a week so hopefully i'll get one too haha. i love your top :) xxx

  4. I love this outfit! It's very different to your previous posts :) The skirt's beautiful...your tan is amazing too!


  5. You look stunning here hun. I love this outfit. :) xx

  6. lovely outfit ! ♥ Now I follow your blog :) I'll be happy if you'll check out mine : :)


  7. Lindaa!
    Visit my Blog, please!
    *exclusive t-shirts*

  8. I love your blog and i love your clothes! I have to ask, how did you make your 'Amy Valentine' sign at the top of your blog? it annoys me because it is so cool! <3

  9. your outfits gorge and i love the pictures of your baby brother below, awwwwwwwww! just to let you know I'm writing up the interview now, I'm scheduling it for when I'm away on Thursday, and if you could link it to your blog when you see it up that'd be great :-) xxx

  10. Awhh your outfit is lush! Your rings are also real pretty :) Nice blog, I am now following you, would love it if you could check out mine xxx


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