Monday 25 July 2011

Spain 2011

Here are a few snaps from my holiday in Spain.  I went for two weeks and it was lovely to have a holiday and spend time with my family but I did miss my friends, and got so behind on my blog!  I don't really have any amazing photos, as most pictures are actually just of my baby brother, so I tried not to overload on them.  The first picture is our villa, the fourth and fifth are of Freddie after eating an ice cream, the sixth and seventh are of the outside table when the umbrella base snapped and smashed the glass tabletop, pretty bad!  The eighth photo is of the 500 piece puzzle we completed, quite sad I know but we had nothing else to do! We did buy a 1000 piece puzzle after that, but we weren't able to complete it before we left, it was mostly blue pieces so was really difficult! Lastly, the ninth photo is of the emergency passports we had to buy as we lost our normal ones, it was extortionately expensive, about £130 each but apparently we can claim that on holiday insurance.  I don't know much about that stuff, so just look how pretty they are!

So yeah, bit of a boring post but I wanted to put something about my holiday on here.  Today I need to organise everything, including tidying my room, cleaning up the blog, sorting out blog buttons, sorting out the giveaway, making a present, posting orders, a lot to do!
love amy x


  1. Your blog is amazing! Love your photos, so sorry for a broken table ;(

  2. how did you lose your passports ?? :O
    I was in reading station last night to change trains :D


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