Saturday 2 July 2011

Shoe Haul

River Island duplicates, £9.95 eBay (link) 
Leopard Platforms, £7.99 eBay (link)
Huge pink platforms, £34.99 eBay (link) 
Nude stud shoes, £30 River Island

I've been so obsessed with shoes lately!  I got some amazing River Island duplicate sandals from eBay and they are spot on!  They are however a little bit small, so I've got blisters in between my toe where the thong bit goes but I'll have to get over it.  I'm completely broke, but I can't seem to decide on which shoes I want to wear to prom out of the three heels shown above.  I am wearing a light pink dress, and as they are so high, they make me taller than my date! However, the studded ones are the lowest, so at the moment I'm leaning towards that pair.  I bet you're wondering where my Louboutins are that I posted about before?  Well we placed the order only to find out that the parcel would never arrive before prom, so there was no point in spending all that money, so we cancelled the order which I was really sad about.  Also, in last weeks sunday summary I blogged that I found stud shoes but they only had them in a 5 and I'm a 7.  Hoorah! I have found some 7's in a different River Island store and they were reduced from £60 to £30, yesss!  I'd really like to know your opinion, which shoes should I wear?
love amy x


  1. i love the shoes on picture two and three!

  2. This post has made me so jealous, all of the shoes are gorgeous! I think you should go with the studded ones, I would say the pink platforms but if your dress is pink you don't want to be to 'matchy matchy'! x

  3. Sorry to here about the Louboutins. There all pretty nice but I love the mix of softness with toughness with the studded shoes... and a bargain too!

    Have fun at your prom!

  4. i still think you should wear the ones you got on saturday :)

  5. Definitely go with the studded ones, just bend ur knees a little bit when u stand next to ur prom date :)

  6. Those sandals are pretty! i would go for the pink platforms :)

  7. Definitely the studded ones, they're gorgeous!
    and Don't worry, I was taller than my prom date as well!

  8. hi love the studded shoes from river island, been trying to find them myself
    however can only find size 5's and i;m also a 7. what river island store did you find them in??

  9. Hello!

    Your haul looks really great.
    If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

    Hope to see you around there!
    xoxo :)

  10. You've totally inspired me to shop for shoes on ebay! lol.

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