Sunday 3 July 2011

Sunday Summary Week 8

The other morning, 6 parcels arrived!
2/ Went to London and saw a protest going on (for international rights I think)
3/ Got bored and drew on a unicorn tattoo
4/ Crash diet for prom, drink as much water as possible in attempt to clear up skin
5/ Notifications!
6/ Got my new passport, the picture is hideous but I love the design, so pretty!

Things I loved this week:
1/ This video of a cat barking, so funny!
2/ This feature on the worlds largest kinetic toothpick sculpture!
3/ If you're a pokénerd like me, you'll love this pokemon merger!

As you can see I have added a little extra to my Sunday summary post, the 'Things I loved this week' which I thought was necessary as I want to share these little things with you guys, as they may be a little small to do a full on post about. 

Today is prom, so I've been super busy organising myself, and am really nervous, and still don't know what shoes I will wear with my dress, as at this moment in time I have actually bought three potential pairs!  What really sucks, is that they are all so high that they make me just that inch taller than my date, which is pretty annoying, I hate being tall!
love amy x

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  1. I just received my passeport too, and my picture is more than aweful. I mean I think its the same for everybody lol.


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