Monday, 4 July 2011

Wallpaper Rose

I've entered a significant amount of giveaways recently but I never thought I would win anything, as so many others enter and the odds of me winning are very small.  However, the Wallpaper Rose blog held a first birthday giveaway a few weeks back and obviously I entered, being a huge fan of their stuff.  I didn't win the main giveaway prizes but I did, however, win the runners up prize, which was still really awesome!  It all arrived this morning and I'm so pleased with it.  I won a gorgeous turban headband from Crown and Glory and from Wallpaper Rose, a beautiful vintage lace necklace and a pocket mirror and badge.  I also got a handwritten postcard congratulating me on my win. I'd like to add, the packaging was adorable!  I almost didn't want to unwrap it, and you'll see the different stages above, wanted to show you everything.  Sad I know but you can't top brown paper and ribbon!
love amy x


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