Thursday 18 August 2011


So a while ago (about 2/3 months or so) I ordered a load of clothes from  I chose the cheapest, slowest shipping, so I'm not surprised that it took so long, as it did come from China.  I do already own some items from them, as they sent me some stuff a few months back so I knew that the quality isn't the best, but this lot really took the biscuit.  I'll admit that it's excellent value for money, but the quality of some of the items really is pretty bad.  This isn't necessarily a post slagging everything off, but I prefer being honest about items rather than advertise all the time.

Item 1 - French style lace blouse

This is probably the item I am least satisfied with.  In the picture on the website, it looks like a really great item, with it being pretty long, with a nice fit and full length sleeves.  When I tried it on, I was very disappointed.  It's really short, the sleeves are only 3/4 length and it's basically transparent.  The model must be extremely tiny, as I haven't got a particularly large frame.  It's more of a children's size than women's.

Item 2 - Half sleeve leopard blazer/blouse
From the listing, you can tell that the arms are supposed to be 3/4 length which I don't mind, but the listing also shows this item with a collar.  I'm not too disappointed with this item, I'll probably wear it, but the product photos and descriptions are not detailed enough.  This item is also quite a small size.

Item 3: Black bodycon cocktail dress
This item isn't the best of quality but it's still wearable.  It fits me well and I've already worn it out once.  the chest sectioning isn't done well, but it's  not noticeable when worn.

Item 4 - Layered lace pantskirt (apricot)
I actually bought this item after seeing it featured on the blog Greer & Rose.  She made the item look really good, but I don't have a clue as to how to wear it.  The item is relatively good quality, but there are so many stray cotton strands all over them.  Of course it's simple to just cut them all off, but it's not good unpackaging an item to see all that. I'll probably end up selling this as it's taken so long to arrive that my taste has changed.

Item 5 - Crochet Vest
This item is pretty good quality actually.  The detailing is good and it's a nice fit.  It's just a shame that in the time it took to arrive I bought another one almost identical!

Item 6 - Faux fox tail
This is definitely my favourite item of the lot, as it's so soft and really good quality, feeling just like a real fox tail.  I've already worn it out and got a few compliments, although compared to other items on it is one of the more expensive items.

Item 7 - Pearl/gold layered necklace
This item is average quality, and again, because it took so long to arrive my tastes have changed.  I bought it because it is almost identical to the Topshop one stocked not so long ago.  When I opened it, one of the charms had already fallen off, but this isn't a problem as I had all the tools I needed to fix it with.

Sorry to have rambled a lot, and for the messy post, but a few people asked me for reviews so here it is!  To sum it up, I wouldn't say that I'm disappointed with all of the stuff I bought, as there are some good things among it, so I would recommend it to others, purely because of the amazing prices!
love amy x


  1. my main issue with was that their items are soo short!! literally have maxi dresses come half way through my calves! love the crochet vest!

  2. oh my gosh, I love all the lace! so pretty! and those necklaces are gorgeous xo

  3. wow.!! AMAznig necklace.!! I love it so much.!!!!!

  4. Perfection! :))


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