Tuesday 16 August 2011

Marble Nails Tutorial

Heya! So a little while ago I posted about my nude nails, with a marbled ring finger on each hand.  This is the post where I'll show you how to do it for yourself!  Now may I remind you, I'm no expert at this, only having done it twice so mine didn't turn out perfect, it's just really guidelines so you know how to do it!

- glass of filtered water  (bottled water) filled nearly to the top.
- Orange stick/toothpick (I used a golf tee!)
- Top coat
- Sellotape
- Kitchen roll
- Nail varnishes you want to marble (at least two)

STEP ONE: Cover the skin surrounding your nails in sellotape, so you don't get nail varnish all over your fingers.

STEP TWO: Drip your nail varnish onto the top the water.  They should spread out quite quickly when they hit the surface.  Alternate dripping between the colours, building up a bullseye, as shown below.  (Doesn't the third picture look like a crazy guinea pig??) Make sure you do this quickly, so that the nail varnish doesn't dry, in which case the nail varnish will not swirl.

STEP THREE: Use your orange stick (golf tee in my situation) to marble the nail varnish.  To do this, draw simple lines very lightly across the surface.  If the nail varnish is not dry, it will obey.  In this situation, just take off the existing layer and try again.

STEP FOUR: Dunk your nail(s) in to the water, making sure your nails hit the surface flat.  Make them go quite deep under the surface so that none of the excess nail varnish sticks too.

STEP FIVE:  Let the nails set for a bit, then gently peel off the sellotape, using an ear bud and nail varnish remover to get rid of any varnish on the skin.  Lastly, paint on a layer of top coat and voila! Marbled nails!
Hope you liked my feeble attempt at a tutorial, thanks for reading!
love amy x


  1. wow that is seriously so cool! you're so creative. im gonna try this out!

  2. that looks amazing, i'm gonna have to try that out (:

  3. OMG this is such a good Idea, you are awesome, I will do this, next time I put nail polish ;)

  4. These are so pretty. I love marble nails, especially the pink & white, they look so pretty together. :) xx

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  6. definitely going to have a go at this today! x

  7. Wow they look great, I'm going to have to try it :)

  8. Great tutorial! You make it look really easy :) Definitely going to try this at some point! xxx

  9. I love this!!! Looks amazing, thanks for the tip sweetie :) x

  10. Aw they look so pretty! Might have to try it!

  11. So beautiful! I tried this once but it didn't turn out as amazing as your :(

  12. wowowowowow! i am trying this for sure. loveeee it!


    sinead xx

  13. Brilliant tutorial, I gave it a go but it didn't turn out as well. Anyway I posted a picture on my blog, so do take a look :)


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