Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I know I've done a post about this before but I have made a proper online store now, selling brand new products, with a new store host so I don't use Bigcartel anymore, as the costs are so high!   Anyway, I'd love for you to have a little browse.  The prices are low and the quality is high! Click here to go to the shop.  I'm off to work in a bit, and would love to come back home to see that I have packages to send off! (;
love amy x


  1. i really do love your shop! you're gonna have some packages to send off when i get paid on friday (:

  2. I love the faux tails! Will have to get my hands on one at some point :) x

  3. I just found your blog today and I find it really cool but really strange that you seem to be from the same general area as me! I go to university in Farnham and live not far away so I'm in that kinda area. love the kind of jewellery you sell, and I like that its a bit different from the twee kind faux-vintage that is so popular! love your blog! xx


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