Sunday 21 August 2011

Sunday Summary Week 15

1/ Got addicted to the Tiny Tower app
2/ Painted my nails leopard a la Gem Fatale
3/ Random photo from a gathering I went to
4/ Experimented with red lipstick
5/ Favourite boots broke ):
6/ Saw what I'd look like with pink hair
7/ Had to sell our Rewind Festival tickets because mum is too ill to go ):
8/ Started work in the new workshop!

Things I loved this week:
1/ This great blog, Wondering Wolves full of posts with great style and charity shop finds!
2/ The quiet place.  Just go there it, it's so inspiring
3/ This song by Destroy/Rebuild/Until/God/Shows (D/R/U/G/S)

This week hasn't been too bad, apart from on Friday my mum had to be rushed into hospital for reasons I'm not going to go into so that was scary.  I then found out yesterday that if she had not been taken to hospital she would have died, so that really hit me hard, and made me realise how lucky I am to live in a society with readily available healthcare for free, and how much I depend on my mum.

Next week there will be a delayed Sunday Summary as I'm at Reading Festival from Wednesday evening!  I'm not sure which phone I'm taking yet, but hopefully I'll be able to hook it up to my twitter etc.  I'm also getting my hair dyed completely blonde on tuesday as it's quite ginger at the moment, and I'm going to dip dye it lilac! :D
love amy x
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  1. Sad news about your mum, hope she gets better soon! D: Your hair would look really nice pink, but have fun dip dying it lilac! I miss my purple hair and am still on the lookout for a hairdresser willing to bleach my hair :P Can't wait to hear about Reading too! x

  2. I love your nails and the lipstick! I'm sorry about your mum! It's so horrible when stuff like that happens to a big family member like your mum.. Send her lots of blogger love!

    Lots of Love,
    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  3. love the nails in the second photographs, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)

    New post today, check it out!

  4. Sorry to hear about your mum hun, hope she gets better soon :( xxx

  5. love your pink hair look, would you ever try it? it looks great :)

    Mollie from

  6. Sorry to hear about your mum i know how difficult it is when a family member isnt well, im always here to talk to :) Give her all the love and well wishes from all your followers :) x

  7. hello, i am very new to your blog, but let me tell you i love everything about it! i want to start a blog but i am very nervous to do so. i have read most of your blogs and i love it. i love all of your outfit postings so much! i guess i just wanted to tell you that you are very inspirational and to keep doing what you do (:

    jenna. xxx

  8. Hope your mum gets better! Your hair looks so rad pink, you should dye it ^_^ loving your nails too! xoxo


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