Monday, 10 October 2011

Birthday Haul!

Just a little Birthday haul post for you guys, in the least show-offy way possible!  I turned 17 on saturday as some of you may know from my previous post, and I was pretty surprised at the amount of presents that I actually got!  From my Mum I got a subscription to Dazed & Confused and some T-shirt magazine, some L-plates and a sat nav (even though I don't actually have a car) and some hotel chocolat batons, as well as a few bits and pieces when we went out shopping.  My dad got me some bath & shower stuff, and the iPhone 4S when it comes out! So so excited :D  From my 3 sets of grandparents I got mostly money, from my friends I got some cute jewellery and a tiny alarm clock, and my boyfriend, Alex, bought me a Drop Dead denim vest that I've been wanting for ages even though I told him not to get it, as it's pretty expensive, but I loooove it!  Altogether I'm really grateful for all the people I have that actually care about me, and couldn't have asked for a better birthday (although a car would be much appreciated, hintMUM/DADhint)!
love amy x


  1. Wow , so many cards show how much love you have from your family and friends . so sweet ! Happy Belated Birthday .

  2. Oooo looks like you got some really nice presents. I'm happy for you xx

  3. Looks like you got some lovely presents! :D And a satnav, I'm asking for one for xmas! The drop dead jacket is awesome, and the card from Freddie made me laugh :) x

  4. That jacket is so cool! Looks like you had some really great presents :) xoxo


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