Sunday 9 October 2011

Sunday Summary Week 21

1/ Took some outfit photos, will post later this week!
2/ Dressed up all school-girly
3/ Saw a double rainbow!!
4/ had pyjama day at college, pillow fights!
5/ Got the front on the top layer of the double decker bus, woo
6/ Smashed my hand through my window, palm got all cut up ):
7/ The cake Alex brought for my Birthday
8/ Freddie in Wagamama

This weekend has been pretty hectic, and I've not really got that much done, but my birthday was on Saturday so I'm allowed!  As you know from my previous post I smashed my hand through a window on Friday night, it's actually healed so quickly and should be fine real soon!  This next week I'm going to be so busy, as I need to make up two pairs of shorts to send to some lucky buyers, and my laptop charger is full on broken so don't be expecting too many posts!
love amy x

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  1. Double rainbooooowww! Reminds me of the youtube video haha! I'm jealous that you got to have a pj party at college, maybe I should suggest we have one at uni :P Glad to see I'm not the only one who gets really happy when I get to sit at the top of a double decker :D x


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