Sunday 30 October 2011

Sunday Summary Week 24

1/ Freddie having a little packed lunch in front of the TV on his own, aww!
2/ Me at Alex's, looking scene apparently
3/ Amazing hot chocolate at Wagamamas
4/ Mean ticket man gave me a penalty warning -.-
5/ Provisional license arrived!
6/ Alex with a footlong subway, cutie
7/ Tried a screme egg, the yolk just looks like snot, eeew
8/ Alex's dog, Paddy all snuggled up in a duvet, awwwh

Things I loved this week:
My friend Polly recently started up a blog, check it here! I did her layout (;
2/ These eye opening pokemon conspiracies, so crazy! (yes I'm a pokénerd)
3/ This song by Attila, featuring screamo rap!

This half term has been average, gonna be honest, especially at the start, however I managed to make more plans in the last few days with my friends, so it eventually turned up.  Today was mine and Alex's 6 months, which was cute, it's gone so fast! I just carved my pumpkin for tomorrow which I'll try to upload a good picture of tomorrow.  For now I'm just going to attempt to catch up on the huge amount of college work I didn't do!
love amy x


  1. awh, Freddie is so cute and I had no idea that Wagamama's did hot chocolate?! i love these summary posts by the way and (although it sounds a little stalkerish) i actually love seeing what other people's week consists of, ahaha. lovely blog :)

    Mollie from musicandmollie

  2. Wow six months :) congrats.
    And what is a penalty warning ??

  3. Lovely photos, I really want to try a screme egg :) x

  4. Your blog is most definitely one of my favourites <3 snap on the unusual middle names front! :P Happy Halloween! x

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