Wednesday 26 October 2011

I wish that I could just make up my mind

This saturday just gone I popped into London for the day with my friend, Melina.  We'd heard about the American Apparel Flea Market and figured it would be a good day out.  After missing 4/5 trains (I know, I know) we eventually got to London and went to Camden first with the sole intention of getting some bang bang chicken.  For those of you who have never had bang bang chicken, you haven't lived. Next time you're in Camden, walk up from the tube station towards the Lock, and when you get to All Saints, turn right where there are a load of food stalls.  The first one you come to there will be a guy with a low, buzzy voice who will call you 'bruv' and throw chicken in your face.  TAKE THE CHICKEN AND EXPERIENCE HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Anyway, after looking around the market for a while we faffed about on the tube, eventually getting to Liverpool Street and spent another half hour dawdling around trying to find brick lane, where the flea market was.  We got caught up in a few shops along the way, like Urban Outfitters, Whistles, a load of vintage stores, the Lomography store, and a shoe shop where I came sooo close to buying some creepers for £85, so glad I didn't now, as I found some on eBay for £60 which I'm debating about buying!

After getting distracted to no end we found the Flea Market and as it was quite late (7/8pm) there were hardly any queues, took us 10 mins at the most to get in, and it was quite empty inside, so there was no frantic buying rush.  I ended up buying two things which I'll post about when I can get hold of them (stupidly left them at my Dads house).  The market was pretty good, although the reductions weren't THAT good, the items were average and there weren't even any socks, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to go; plus looooads of the stock is damaged, so if you're going, make sure you check each item thoroughly, because you don't want to spend £20 on a nice blouse, if you're going to get home with a mighty big burn hole on the back (which nearly happened to my friend!).

All in all, it was a good day and I'm happy with my purchases, and that I didn't actually spend as much as I thought I would, I even got away with a childs ticket(;  I'll post about my purchases when I can!
love amy x


  1. lovely pictures! i really wanted to go an check out that flea market too!

  2. sounds like a good day, you and your friend are so pretty!x

  3. love your photos!! Camden is one of my fav places, i must try the bang bang chicken next time I go haha!! x

  4. I love the anchor ring! I haven't been to Camden in so long, a trip is definitely needed soon! x

  5. the pictures look amazing.
    the anchor ring is awesome, i need to visit Camden Town asap, those shirts need me.

  6. Amazing photos! I was there once and it was great. :) xxx

  7. great outfit!
    camden town is amazing
    hope you have a lovely day in london :)
    i love how you've worn the socks
    you have an amazing blog

  8. Oooh that chicken looks good! and you should defo get the ebay creepers, they would really suit you, plus I'd love to see how you style them up!

  9. I absolutely adore that anchor ring! I was in Camden this monday and you are so right about the American Apparel sale, it was much worse that I expected :)

  10. I've had that chicken when I went to Camden last year, I completely agree totally heaven on earth!
    Love your outfit and great photos, the anchor ring is really pretty too :) xoxo

  11. London is so amazing. I need to go one day. I also need to try that chicken!

  12. Lovely photos ! Adoring the ring in the first picture ! x

  13. love your ring/outfit
    looked like a lovely day - great pictures

    Serendipity Style Blog

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