Thursday 13 October 2011

You'll reap what you sow

Just a quick post with a few pictures I took on the disposable cameras I took to Reading festival but never uploaded.  I love how they all came out, especially the random light leak on the last image!  I don't really have much to say so I won't bore you with my rambling!  Just to confirm though, that I have now stopped posting wednesday wants.  I just got bored and ran out of things to want really! I will still do the post if I find something I want to feature, but for the moment I've already got enough on my plate so I'll be taking a break for a while, but I'll still be posting Sunday Summaries, don't worry!  Now I need to go wash my hair as I didn't wash the shampoo out last night (feels all sticky and horrible!) and don't forget to enter my anklet giveaway which ends in just over a week HERE.
love amy x


  1. I have such an obsession with dreamcatchers and I LOVE the first image! so gorgeous.

  2. love the pics. i was obsessed with dream weavers.

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