Sunday 18 December 2011

Sunday Summary Week 31

1/ Got a candy cane sent to me at college!
2/ Random photo sesh with my friend Molly
3/ Dominoes pizza!
4/ Made a Christmas tree as we can't have one this year due to Freddie being too young!
5/ Asked Siri what the meaning of life was, hahhaa
6/ Did a photoshoot with my friend Polly, pictures will be revealed soon!

I'm sooooo glad that the holidays are finally here!  College has been putting so much pressure on me lately so this break is much needed, although I do still have a ton of work I need to do.  However, this break does mean that I'll be able to post more frequently *yay* so look forward to that! I'm going to Manchester for an early Christmas with my grandparents tomorrow until Thursday so wish me luck as the weather there is apparently absolutely freezing!
love amy x


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  3. One of my cover teachers were telling us how Siri is their new best friend, haha! And I LOVE DOMINO'S PIZZA SO MUCH! I love the makeshift Christmas tree btw ;)

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