Saturday, 14 January 2012

O.G. Loko

250th post! If you read my Christmas list post, you'll know that I got a polaroid camera off my mum for christmas.  I'm really particular with what I take photos of as film is expensive and only comes in 10 packs so I have decided to save it for special occasions, in this situation, the occasion was the Winter Wonderland in hyde park!  I went in late december so a little while ago but better late than never I guess.  The first picture is my stepdad and baby brother, Freddie on the carousel ride, then the second is my and my boyfriend with candyfloss.  Neither us look particularly brilliant but I really like it as a photo (:  

I've been super busy with college work lately and in some subjects I'm getting a little behind which scares me, as it builds up and gets worse and I know it will get to a point where however hard I try I just can't complete it all, so wish me luck with it all in the meantime!
love amy x


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