Sunday 5 February 2012

Sunday Summary Week 38

1/ MONEYS (for passport)
2/ Hideous passport photos
3/ Took my yin yang nails off, and this was left on the cotton pad!
4/ New nails!
5/ Polaroid I took of Freddie
6/ Creepy email popped up!
8/ Passport arrived, yayyyyy
9/ Looking at first cars
10/ Zara buys (post soon)
11/ Snow!
12/ Listed a new product on Iridescent, Empower Apparel crew neck (here!)

This week really has been pretty hectic.  I had coursework deadlines on monday and on tuesday I had to go into London for an emergency passport as I'm going to France in half term with my boyfriend and my previous passport was stolen at the airport when we went to Spain in the summer.  Amongst the hecticity, I managed to buy myself a pair of creepers which I LOVE.  I've wanted a pair for ages and my Topshop giftcard that I listed on eBay sold so I bit the bullet and bought them with the money I got.  If you're interested in buying a £86 Urban Outfitters giftcard for £76 click here. I really need the money as I'm aiming to buy my first car soon! Which leads me on to: which car do you think would be best?  My preferred choices would be either a Fiat 500, Mini, Beetle or a Nissan Micra.  I've been focussing on beetles the past few days, but can't decide between a yellow or lime green colour.  My budget is around £2000 as I did well in my GCSE's but this isn't nearly enough for a Fiat 500 or Mini really.  Feel free to comment with some advice as I don't really have much of a clue what I'm doing! 

love amy x


  1. I am also longing for a Mini but I have the same kind of budget as you! Lucky that you got money for doing well on your GCSE's! Your Zara buys look lovely! xx

  2. A fiat 500 or mini would be lovely but they're so pricey! And they don't hold their value very well. My friend has a mini and it costs her a fortune in petrol!! And everything is so expensive to replace or fix on it. I'm not sure if beetle's are much cheaper on that front but if they are definitely go with that :)
    I heard on the tv yesterday that yellow cars are the most common colour car to have things go wrong?! haha. I'm sure that's no reflection on the colour but found it so strange. So maybe lime green would be better just in case :) I love the beetles that come with the flower!

    Lovely photos, your nails are so pretty x

    sweet monday

  3. Can't help on the car advice I'm afraid, I don't drive :) But I love your new nails and can't wait to see your new Zara buys properly.
    R xx

  4. So pretty! Love, love the nails!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out!



  5. It took me a whole 3 months to do car shopping, because I wanted to find just the right one! I ordered the fiat500 brochures and everything, and stalked them online for some second hand ones, but as they are relatively new cars I discovered that my budget of £2500 just wasn't going to buy me a fiat 500!! I realised it wasn;t about the right car but about the right DEAL. So then I used to find what I wanted and I had my heart set on a Beatle, and if not a Toyota Yarris. I then narrowed my choices to 3 cars, a blue beatle which we drove half an hour to go see and it was pretty crusty on the inside and out. the engine was big so my insurance would have cost more, and the petrol prices are also more expensive, and it wasn't worth the £3500 they were asking for. Then I went to see a little silver Yarris that just so happened to be a 5 minute drive from my house. It was with a private owner and she very honest with us, she didn't talk it up she just gave us a nice deal of £2000 as it had a lil bump in the side.
    Before seeing it I had always thought silver was the worst colour for a car, but once I was inside I just reeeally wanted it and didn't care what colour it was because it was the perfect size and had 4 doors as well which is amazing because i bloody hate 3 door cars (too much effort to get in). We got the car then and there,I realised that I was perfectly fine with a Yarris and we got it almost half of what the Beatle was asking for!!
    Sure if I could have found a beatle for the same price I would have gone for it, but if you scour the internet it is literally impossible, if you find an amazing deal it is probably a scam.
    And once you have a car you just learn to love it, I honestly care for mine like it was a brother, and everytime I drive it I just think 'oo yeah this is mine', so whatever car you end up with you'll just love it as it would be YOUR very FIRST little car!
    im sorry for the rant I just like to be helpful giving advice about cars because my friend got scammed so bad buying a beetle


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