Monday 26 March 2012

Sweetpea & Fay

A little while ago I saw a blogger review post of Sweetpea & Faye cosmetics on a blog and it was compared to Lime Crime cosmetics, which I'm a huge fan of, yet haven't been able to afford any of their products as of yet.  The high pigment lip glosses are $7.99 each so not cheap, considering I don't really buy lipgloss, but the review was good and the price is less than Lime Crime, so I bought two lipglosses; Beluga and Ranunculus.  When they arrived I was so excited until I went to put it on.  The consistency is really thick and gooey, and not the good kind.  I couldn't get an even coverage even when I layered it and the colour is hardly noticeable, as well as turning out to make my lips look a really weird brown colour.  I tried mixing the gloss with vaseline, putting primers on and so on and I just can't get along with the product.  I don't normally do reviews, and I especially don't like posting negative things on my blog but I was really disappointed by this brand.  I think this is a prime example of paid advertisements/reviews on blogs and false opinions in order to gain brand popularity.  Since I bought this product I've seen some reviews of the new lipglosses Sweetpea & Fay have brought out and am interested in buying the product yet the quality of the products I've bought have really let me down, So i'm reluctant to do so.  Do any of you own Sweetpea & Fay products? If so have you experienced any problems?
love amy x


  1. I was really looking forward to trying some of their make up because it looked lovely, but that's such a shame. I do find it so hard to gain knowledge from reviews because I do think it would be hard to be 100% honest when you are receiving things for free.

    Lots of Love,

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  2. Aww man that sucks :/

    - Olivia xx

  3. I haven't tried these but it sucks that they're not as good as you thought! hate when that happens :( x

  4. i own sweetpea and fay liquid lipsticks and i absolutely love them. maybe you need to try some different colors. i would suggest mermaid kiss or apocalypse. i think they are super pigmented, creamy, moisturizing, and long lasting. maybe you got a bad batch. they are great with customer service, if i were you i would have contacted them. i am sure they would ave helped any way they could.


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