Sunday 8 April 2012

Sunday Summary Week 47

1/ Frijj milkshake!   2/ Charity shop buy   3/ Hit 100 followers on instagram!  4/ Freddie in the park  5/ Freddie in the park again  6/ Skirt I won in a Roamkix giveaway  7/ Rocked the rainbow tie dye  8/ Lunch omnom  9/ Dreamcatchers at Alex's house  10/ Painted my nails, nail varnish listed on ebay here  11/ Got some tags for the shorts I sell!  12/ Had to take down the pokécard wall ):  13/ Got my hair did  14/ Easter eggs I got for my dad and his girlfriend  15/ Lindt bunny!

Happy easter everyone! For the first week of the holidays it's not been bad, normally I sit home doing nothing but I've been out a lot and seen my friends a few times.  I've been getting a lot done shopwise, and should be adding more items soon. I've also listed some items on my ebay in an attempt to make some money, see them here!
love amy x


  1. Love the charity shop buy in the second photo, looks absolutely gorgeous! Glad you've had a good week off :-) xx

  2. Happy Easter! I'm always reading your blog it's lovely, the rainbow tie dye looks so cute.

    Emma x

  3. that photos are from your instagram account rite? so lovely!

  4. awesome photos (instagram?), i especially love that collar. Where's the top from? & sure, i'll go check out your ebay now :)

    P.s. thanks for the comment! Sorry for being such a lazy butt and not replying straight away, I thought that I'd take the time to return the favour today, so thanks :) x

    Sanam x
    My Fashion/Photography blog: DayByDiva

  5. Gorgeous photos! that shirt in the second photo looks lovely; mmm gotta love lindt bunnies yumyum :) Lovely blog - definitely following - i've given you a follow on twitter too :) xo

  6. your blog is amazing i love it!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Really love the charity shop find too! Looks lovely. Just wondering where did you get your tags made for the shorts?.



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