Wednesday 25 July 2012

Jewellery Storage

A random topic I know but I love seeing how different people store all their jewellery and accessories and have picked up a good few ideas from the internet and I thought I'd share some of my own ideas!

Firstly, I keep everything in my mirror cupboard in my room.  It's actually the mirror I take most of my outfit pictures on instagram with, but you wouldn't notice if you don't know so here's a couple of pictures! (1, 2)

I hang all of my necklaces on a coat rack thing that I drilled into the back of the cupboard door myself, which I didn't really do very well as it sometimes falls off, but it's pretty easy to fix! I can't remember where the rack is from but I organise necklaces on it according to length so it's really good if I want to layer different lengths together!

The cupboard has shelves in it so I stapled a cute woven ribbon just below one of the shelves and the length goes along the whole of the cupboard, then I simply pierce the earrings through the ribbon and they all hang down! This means that the pairs are all together rather than fishing around a little bowl for ages trying to find a full set!

I found an old Chanel storage box in my garage which I think may have been used to store a watch and just filled it with my rings.  It's not really the best storage as you still have to root through a ton of rings but it fits well on the shelf and the gold Chanel logo makes it prettier!

At the moment I'm still trying to think of a way to store all my hair garland things and sunglasses as they're all just dumped in a box, any ideas?  How do you store your jewellery?
love amy x


  1. Love the chanel storage box where you store your rings, such a cute idea! Great post x
    Dreams and Dresses

  2. I lay all of my jewellery out on a shelf in my wardrobe, but there's so much and it gets so messy! Your coat rack idea is so clever as jewellery stands get too tangled. I love the ring storage too, definitely will try this if I find a decent sized box for it. Really interesting idea for a post! xx

  3. I have a similar necklace rack, which can be seen in all of my outfit posts, whoops! Love the way you store your earrings, I just tend to leave them on my dressing table and then loose them! haha xx

  4. qoq,the jewels are so lovely! and so are the photos :D

  5. Just found your blog and I love it! Going through your posts and you have awesome style! Love the storage, all the jewellery is so nice x

  6. Ooo such pretty pictures! I don't know where to store my sunnies as well... They're in a Skechers shoebox right now haha

    The Lovelorn

  7. <3! i'm planning to redecorate my tiny little room and these will definitely come in handy, bookmarked!

    hope you're well x

  8. I love the way you organize your jewelry !

  9. I need a way to store my jewelry too


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