Sunday 22 July 2012

Sunday Summary Week 62

1/ Rainbow silly band!   2/ New SheInside tee   3/ YSL Shocking Mascara
4/ Sooo beautifuuul   5/ I like trainz   6/ Good luck card from my baby bro
7/ Made Alex's hair pretty   8/ Macaroni came out the ice maker   9/ Hippie party!
10/ Twiggy makeup   11/ Snuggly Paddy   12/ Dad got me goodies from work
13/ The exerciseless bike   14/ Edible flowers!   15/ Pretty burger

I've had a pretty crappy week if I'm totally honest, this summer really isn't turning out how I expected.  I failed my driving test on Tuesday, my supposed friends have been bitchy to me and because of this I haven't seen anyone other than my boyfriend, who seems like the only person I can trust at the moment.  Hopefully things will get better soon.
love amy x


  1. hope things look up for you soon hun.

  2. that t-shirt is so cool!
    Millie x

  3. I can really relate to what you're saying about your boyfriend, I hate not being able to trust people and sometimes I feel like my boyfriend is the only person who's truly on my side with things (if that makes any sense?). I hope things get better for you soon though, hopefully it'll pass :) If it doesn't you always have us bloggers! I love that Sheinside tee by the way <3

    Ellen xx

  4. Cute photos :)
    Hope things start to turn around for you. It sucks when friends do that to you!
    -Taqhdees x

  5. this is exactly how i feel right now
    i hope our summer gets better soon!

  6. Awh, sorry to hear about the things that have gone wrong this week, and hope they get better much quickly xx

  7. Sorry to hear you have had a bad week, hope it gets better for you soon x
    Lovely photos xx :)

  8. Awwww love don't be down. We all know you are totally awesome. I bet your friends are just jealous of your rainbow loveliness. I hope you have a better week me dear. I'm always here if you want someone to listen x

  9. sucks to hear you've had a bad week, i feel the same about the summer i thought it would be great but its turned out to be not so great!
    i always love your instagram photos amy, they are great!
    hope you feel better!

  10. Oh wow, you put edible flowers for real in your burger? Do they taste nice? x x

  11. Hope things look up for you. Nothing worse than falling out with friends.:( x

  12. I am sorry to hear this about you driver license and you friends :S, I hope everything will turn out good for you.


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