Monday 16 July 2012

Sunday Summary Week 61

1/ Braving the top tucked into disco pants!  2/ Posting off shorts from my shop  3/ Got ma nails did
4/ Cute yellow pub  5/ Appletiser, yummm  6/ Pink to lilac ombre lips
7/ Adorable popcorn packaging  8/ Boyfriend before Guilfest  9/ Cat managed to get on the pram
10/ Cidre is incredible  11/ Found some sequin leggings  12/ Chicken Katsu!

Not really that much to say in this post I'm afraid! I have my driving test tomorrow so all I've been doing these past few days is driving everywhere (which has been burning a hole in my bank account!) so I'm really hoping I pass.

Just wanted to mention that a blogger I used to follow called Rebecca has started a new blog and would definitely recommend checking out her blog Bandasaur here.  She's still starting out and you all must know how frustrating it is to get followers when you start with a clean slate, so please check it out!
love amy x


  1. Love the pics especially the shorts!good luck on your test tomorrow!


  2. I think your nails look so nice! The photos are lovely :) xx

  3. Think I'm going to DIY some dip shorts of my own. Thanks so much for featuring me and thanks for the advice on your email I'm working on a bit of a redesign :) I really appreciate your help and I'll keep you posted. Good luck on your test I have mine in September I'm already weeing myself!

  4. i love your shorts and your leggings!

    i opened a facebook fan page, if you have a mail to me!
    See you soon, kisses: D!


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