Monday 9 July 2012

Sunday Summary Week 60

1/ Krispy Kreme date with the boy!  2/ Chocolate glaze donut, nom  3/ New dungarees  4/ Made a necklace, should I add to shop?
5/ Drop Dead case is back, Fifi broke ):  6/ Cool looking lipstick  7/ Freddie & guggie  8/ Lilac hair!

9/ So many prospectus'!  10/ Found an old crop top  11/ Alex's new kitty!  12/ Tom & 20 chicken nuggets
13/ Alex & Tommy  14/ Tommy & food  15/ Snuggly Tommy  16/ Sleepy Tommy
17/ Driving practise day!  18/ Freddie & babychino  19/ Naff/awesome South Park tax disc holder  20/ New topshop skirt
21/ Vintage shop  22/ Made bracelets  23/ Planning my outfit for a hippie party!  24/ Stained glass at college

Okay so I know there's a ridiculous amount of pictures of my boyfriends new cat in this summary but I couldn't filter them out, Tommy is too cute! I finish college tomorrow so I can finally enjoy summer, then I have my driving test in exactly a week which I am so nervous for! I'm so paranoid I won't pass because my manoeuvers aren't up to scratch as I haven't been able to practise them much in my new car, so wish me the best of luck!
love amy x


  1. What did you use to dye your hair lilac? :) Or is the photo just edited? It looks awesome <3

    Ellen xx

  2. Love your dungarees! Need some myself.

  3. I want the kitttttties.

  4. Lovely photos! I understand why you left all the photos of the cat in - too cute!!
    Lianne :-)

  5. Thats such a cute cat!
    Love your denim playsuit xx

  6. Your lilac hair looks great! I really want to change my hair colour for a few weeks but just don't know which colour to use. Love the south park disc holder haha.

  7. Krispy Kreme! That's my favourite flavour! xx

  8. Oh Krispy Creme! I might go on my way to work hehe!

    Lea x

  9. Pictures of pets are always good! Good luck with your driving test! xxx

  10. that kitty is so adorable! i have one just like 'em :)

  11. omg you're so beautiful !! I bet u could be a model !! :) love ur blog btw


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