Monday 20 August 2012

Tribeca Shoes Haul!

Lola black spiked boots* // £35 Tribeca Shoes [link]
I was sent these shoes and you'll have seen them on my instagram if you follow me because I am totally head over heels in love with them!  I couldn't wait to show you guys so I had to take some photos before featuring them in an outfit post (which I will do very soon!).  They're dupes of the Jeffrey Campbell spiked Lita's which, let's be honest, I'm never going to be able to afford with the crappy £5.25 I get an hour at my job so at £35 these shoes aren't going to break the bank!  I was actually very surprised at the quality.  At the price they're asking I didn't think they were going to be particularly amazing, as many of the spiked dupes I've seen on the blogosphere haven't been very good, but these are a great height, they feel sturdy, I find them easy to walk in, the leather doesn't look plasticky or flimsy, it doesn't smell like the handbag section in Primark (!) and the spikes don't look crappy, they are actual extended spikes rather than the plain cone studs with I like.  Another bonus is the Louboutin-esque red sole which makes the shoes that much more badass! I'd definitely recommend having a look on the Tribeca Shoes website here as their prices are awesome and the shoes are all absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful!
love amy x


  1. £35 is an absolute bargain! Need some ootds in these :)


  2. What a a bargain xo

  3. Good lord I've been lusting after Lita dupes for so long, been trying to decide whether to get black spiked ones or something crazy like coral... 2 weeks until payday to decide I suppose!

  4. I can't help but feel that when it comes to Jeffrey Campbell, you can't beat the real thing. And as for the red sole - so naughty! Louboutin is not going to let that carry on for long I'm sure! But I have to say, they do look great on you - you have such great pins!!

    Much love, Bemsy x

  5. I love these so much!
    I'm glad I've read this to see their quality, I might have to get them now! :)

  6. these are such a bargain!i want some x

  7. When you showed the shoes on I was like please don't jump. It always scares me when bunnie jumps in her videos. The shoes are gorgeous by the way!


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